7 Tips to Staying Healthy at Redeemed Camp

7 Tips to Staying Healthy at Redeemed Camp

7 Tips to Staying Healthy at Redeemed Camp

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The Redeemed camp also known as the Redemption  camp is the camp ground of the Redeemed Christian Church of God,

which happens to be the biggest church in Nigeria.

It is located along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

This camp ground might just be another huge property to most Nigerians.

However, to members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the Redemption camp is place where special prayers can be answered.

Although the Redemption camp is a religious institution,

it can almost be likened to a city of its own. Contained in this camp are 5000 house, banks, supermarkets,

a 25 megawatt power plant, roads, etc.

The Redemption camp usually plays host to both the monthly meetings that the church organizes and the annual

Holy Ghost congress which can be regarded as the second most anticipated annual event of a religious group in Nigeria after “Shiloh” which is organized by Living Faith Church,

also known as Winners Chapel.

While attendees at the monthly meetings that take place at this camp can visit and leave without having to spend the night,

the same cannot be said about the annual Holy Ghost Congress.

When the Holy Ghost Congress takes place, attendees have to spend about a week at the Redemption camp.

In as much as it is something that is looked forward to every year, it is usually not the most convenient one week.

For a lot of people, leaving the comfort of their warm beds and spending about a week in camp can do a lot of harm to their health.

Well, irrespective of how comfortable your life is outside the Redeemed camp, you can always stay healthy while in camp if you really want to.

Below are 7 tips to staying healthy at the Redeemed camp.

7 Tips to Staying Healthy at Redeemed Camp

1. Go to Camp with a Mosquito Net

In sub Saharan Africa, malaria is one of the most prevalent sicknesses.

Whilst malaria can affect anyone irrespective of their location,

there is an increase in the likelihood of one being affected by malaria when one spends a lot of time outdoors.

The reason for this is quite obvious,

there is bigger presence of mosquitoes outdoors when compared with the number of mosquitoes that can be found indoors.

Also, in your home, you might decide to keep your doors shut so as to avoid mosquitoes from making it into your living area.

However, at the redeemed camp, the living conditions differ from the living conditions in your home.

As a result of this, you might not exactly be able to shut your doors to prevent mosquitoes from making their way into your room .

In as much as there are lots of ways to prevent mosquito bites when at the redeemed camp,

the only generally acceptable way to do this is through the use of a mosquito net.

Insecticides are indeed effective in the prevention  of mosquito bites. However,

not everyone is comfortable with their smell. As a result of this, making use of an insecticide at the redeemed camp will be almost impossible.

Quite unlike the mode of function of insecticides , as well as insect  repellents,

mosquito nets function in a very simple way. What they do basically is provide a barrier between you and every other thing in your environment,

except air of course. Although certain people might feel that they do not have need for mosquito nets because they are quite used to mosquito bites.

The truth remains, as an individual that is resident in the tropics you will always have need for mosquito nets even when you are indoors.

Now, while it is considered a good thing to make use of a mosquito net when you are sleeping indoors,

it is very essential to have one to yourself when you are in an outdoor location of which the redeemed camp is one.

When one is in the house, insects might be attracted to the lights that are emanating from the house. They, however,

will be unable to get access into the house because of the presence of windows,

as well as nets which are attached to windows to provide more covering from mosquitoes.

Quite unlike indoor environments, the presence of lights coming from a location in camp will attract lots of mosquitoes, as well as other insects.

Now, when this occurs, there might not be any way to prevent mosquito bites except through the use of a mosquito net.

In as much as the idea of using a mosquito net to sleep is a great one,

it is not just enough to protect yourself with the use of a mosquito net. It is also important that you make use of a net that is treated.

So, with a mosquito net, you can go to camp  spend quality time carrying out your daily activities and still leave healthy.

2. Arrive Early to Camp

The camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God can be likened to just about any camp anywhere in the world.

The National Youth Service Corp camp included. And just like other camps, arriving early at the redeemed camp is very important for your health.

If you are known for going late to church, you might want to turn a new leaf.

The redeemed camp is unarguably the biggest camp in Nigeria and has lots and lots of people running into their millions at this camp whenever there is a nationwide program.

As a result of this, getting a very comfortable space in camp, regardless of your financial status might not be so easy if you fail to arrive early in camp.

There are lots of benefits that are associated with arriving at the Redeemed camp early.

A lot of them also, are health related

Arriving at the redeemed camp early will help you pick an accommodation of your choice where you are certain that you will be comfortable.

When in an environment where you are comfortable, the likelihood of failing ill will be greatly reduced.

Your stay at the Redeemed camp will be undoubtedly very stressful and you will need a place to have good rest during the camping sessions.

If you have ever been to the redeemed camp,

you can attest to the fact that not all accommodations in camp are comfortable,

and not all of them will provide you with the space that you need to hang your mosquito net if you arrive camp with one.

3. Ensure that you Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

There are indeed lots of challenges that are associated with staying at the Redeemed camp.

And one of them is personal hygiene.

Whether you stay at a slightly comfortable accommodation at the redeemed camp or you stay in an extremely uncomfortable part of the redeemed camp, staying really clean can be quite a bit of a challenge.

One reason for this is; the absence of home modern facilities which makes life very convenient can sometimes make it a problem for people to maintain good hygiene and staying off bacteria, dirt,

and other germs that attach themselves to our hair and skin can be very challenging.

Well, with a couple of tricks up your sleeves, you can stay absolutely free from germs and maintain a near perfect hygiene in the Redeemed camp.

Below are some tips for maintaining good hygiene and staying germ free at the redeemed camp


  • Swab Yourself


In camps, such as the Redeemed camp, you surely need more than one day’s bath to stay clean and fresh.

As a matter of fact, if you would need to bath two times every day to stay clean and fresh out of camp, then,

in camp, you will need more than that. This is because of the crowded environments that characterize the Redeemed camp. Well, quite unfortunately,

it is almost impossible to get the opportunity to bath more than once every day.

With this in mind, the question now is: how do you stay clean without being able to bath more than once? Well, there is an answer to that question.

And the answer to that question is not something that is difficult to carry out.

To keep yourself free from bacteria and other germs while at the Redeemed camp,

make sure that you take some cotton wool and a good quantity of hydrogen peroxide  with you to the redeemed camp.

So, to get yourself free from germs while in camp, get the cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide and swab  parts of your body that are most likely affected by the presence of bacteria.

Such areas include your feet, armpits, face, and groin. This most definitely is nothing like a complete bath. It will, however, go a long way in preventing you from developing bad odours while you stay in camp.


  • Go to Camp with a Hand Sanitizer


Hand  sanitizers might not be able to keep you perfectly free from germs, judging by the fact that they cannot be applied to every part of your body.

Regardless of that, they will go a long way in reducing your contact with germs which will help you stay healthy.

At the Redeemed camp, you will be meeting with a lot of people and will most likely not have a choice as regards those that you come in physical contact with since it is a church environment and everyone is supposed to act accordingly.

Prior to eating your meals or touching anything that is expected  to go into your mouth,

it is expected that you sanitize your hand with the use of your hand sanitizer.

You might say that you do not make use of hand sanitizers at home so why will you have need for one now. Well, the thing is; taking care of illnesses that arise due to infections at home might not be so difficult,

However, in a camp environment, you might not have the privilege to do so and might end up falling ill.

4. Get to Camp with Enough Clothes

While preparing to go to the redeemed camp, a lot of people,

in the bid to travel very light  end up not making it to camp with as much cloths as they truly need.

While preparing to go to camp, ensure that you take as much clothes as you need to avoid wearing clothes more than once.

Although going to camp with an extra luggage might be very stressful and might even appear needless,

putting on fresh clothes in the morning and night will help you not only feel fresh,

it will also keep you fee from germs that must have made your old clothes a breeding ground.

 Also ensure that you go to camp with more underwear than you need.

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5. Go to Camp with Anti Malaria Drugs

While it is advisable to always find your way to camp with your treated mosquito net,

It is equally important to get to camp with your anti-malaria drugs.

The thing is, you might not be sure where the mosquitoes are and when you will get bitten by any.

As a result of this, to avoid being down with malaria and missing out on your major reason for showing up at the redeemed camp,

it is important that you go to camp with malaria drugs.

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6. Put on the Right Clothing

There are different clothes for different weathers.

What feels perfect for one weather might be very terrible for another weather.

When going to the redeemed camp, it is important that you dress for the weather.

If it is during the raining season, you have to go to go  with your sweater, your umbrella and other thick clothes.

However, in the dry season, ensure that you go to camp with some light materials because it could get really hot.

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7. Be Careful about What you Eat

Your time in camp is not a time to experiment with delicacies.

 While in camp, ensure that you do not eat foods that you are not sure about. Now,

sometimes meals that you are not comfortable with might be served.

If you must avoid these meals and still stay free from hunger, then, you should go to camp with enough money to get you the right meals.

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