About Us

Johnjoshuaministries.org is a christian and faith based site that seeks to provide applicable, spiritual and educational content to Christ followers and to help them remain steadfast in God.

The Christian faith isn’t limited to the four walls of the church, our faith based material informs¬† our day to day issues weekly and monthly. We are out to provide quality content for people who are determined to have a relationship with God.

Our goals at Johnjoshuaministries.org is to cause a revival in the hearts of men through the preaching of God’s word on this platform. we are devoted to providing quality and scriptural content in the areas of family, marital life, business, spiritual life, devotionals, parenting and other important topics in christianity. We are also devoted into raising godly children and teens for the next generation.

You shouldn’t expect to agree with everything you read and see on Johnjoshuaministries.org; Christians often times disagree on how to apply the principles of the Bible to the issues we face daily. But you can expect to encounter bible teachings, discussion of the latest trending topics, vibrant video, and a wealth of information meaningful to the Christian life with an emphasis on building community and preserving Christian fellowship and promoting Christian values.

Johnjoshuaministries.org has people who are constantly devoted into providing thought provoking content. They are members of the editorial team and they are:

John A Joshua (Editor in chief)

Emem F. Bassey (Managing Editor)

Cani Bassey  (Senior Editor)

Sebastine Ekpo (Editor, Bible Study)