Accredited Bible Colleges In Texas

7 Accredited Bible Colleges In Texas

Accredited Bible Colleges

Bible colleges are instituted to give men and women a wider knowledge of the scriptures. For dynamic living it becomes paramount that every Christian should enroll in a bible school. There are bible colleges in most parts of the world. Specifically for this article we are streamlining it to Texas in the United state of America. There are numerous and well instituted bible colleges in Houston Texas. Most of the bible colleges situated in Texas are accredited by recognized bible bodies and supreme court ruling.

7 Accredited Bible Colleges In Texas

Below, we will be linking you to some bible colleges in Texas. They are:

1) Sum Bible College And Theological Seminary

This is a bible college that is located in houston texas. SUM Bible college is a theologically seminary fully equipped and accredited to train and raise men and women to proclaim the Jesus Christ around the world.

SUM Bible college is one of the leading bible colleges in texas as it has unique features that has dinstiguished it among others. They are:

  • SUM is into developing Leaders
  • Pastor’s are trained.
  • Children’s ministry
  • SUM has a well organized Youth ministry
  • Drama ministry
  • Outreaches especially community outreaches
  • Cross cultural ministry

It might interest you to know that SUM Bible college empowers leaders for the five fold ministry. They equip indigenous leaders from America and other parts of the world through theological education and mentoring.

SUM is fully accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). SUM runs undergraduate and graduate programs. Its undergraduate programs runs for 3 years with a tuition of $280 per credit. To gain admission into the undergraduate level you must possess Higher School Graduate or GED with a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

On the otherhand, its graduate program runs for a minimum of 2-3 years with a tuition of $240 per credit. SUM bible college and theological seminary is fully equipped to help you attain your goals in Christ Jesus.

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2) Texas Bible College

This bible institution is located in the heart of Texas. It is geared towards raising, training,developing and empowering leaders in the Christian world who are spiritually strong and doctrinally sound. Texas Bible College is structured within the framework of the New Testament. It focuses on the in-depth teaching of God’s word through the unction of the Holy Spirit. Texas Bible college runs both on land and online. Currently, it runs a schorlarship program for 2019-2020 and application for the schorlarship commenced from January 2019 and closes in June 2019.

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Texas Bible School also takes the bible school to peoples homes so that interested candidates can learn from home. This package is called TBC ExCeLL Now.

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3) Texas Christian University

TCU is one of the leading colleges in Texas. It has enrolled 10,918 students of which 9,445 are undergraduate students and 1,473 are graduate students. Texas Christian University was founded in  1873 and it is geared towards becoming a world class and value centered university. TCU is a place to be as it has a very conducive environment for students learning. Worthy of note is that at TCU financial aid is given to  families of all income levels. Please note that TCU fInancial aid is to be renewed. Students wishing to renew are always expected to submit their FAFSA. The official website of Texas Bible School is

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4) College Of Biblical Studies

This is a Bible College situated in Houston that runs a four year undergraduate programs. College Of Biblical Studies is an undenominational religious organization that has affiliation with major bible institutions.

CBS holds a dual accreditation in the southeast region. College of Bible College has been granted the authority to grant degrees by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) through a Texas supreme court ruling. The institution is also accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education Commission on accreditation (ABHE).

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CBS offers both internal and external scholarship to students. The official website of College of Biblical Studies is

 5) Texas Bible Institute

TBI started in the year 1990 through Pastor Tommy Burchfield in Lagos, Nigeria. Texas Bible Institute runs discipleship and Leadership courses. The discipleship program runs for four month which prepares young adult between the ages of 17-25 for effective Christian living. On the otherhand, the leadership programs runs for four month and prepares adult between 17-30 for ministerial career.

The official website of Texas Bible institute is

If you are interested in TBI we advice you click the link above as it will redirect you to the website of the school for more information and registration.

6) The Bible Seminary

The Bible Seminary with the abbreviation TBS is an independent, interdenominational, charitable institution incorporated in Texas to offer training in ministry. TBS exist specifically to glorify God by training Christians in all books recorded in the bible for effective stewardship in their local assembly and to fulfil the great commission. TBS was originally organized as a bible institute in 2008. TBS runs a Bible Certificate program, Licensed Professional Program. It also runs a dual degree completion program. 

For more information about the Bible Seminary, visit their official website at 

7) Christian Bible Institute And Seminary (CBIS)

CBIS is an institutional member of the Association of Christian Distance Education. It offers a Bible training and degree to individuals who are interested in acquiring one and enhancing their ministry. CBIS is a non denominational bible college and it is fully accredited through the state of Florida by the Florida department of Education’s commission for independent education. The Bible college prepares people for ministerial appointments, religious vocations and so on. CBIS offers undergraduate and graduate programs in all Christian majors. It awards CBIS degrees to deserved students. CBIS as a well structured CBIS tuition schedule, and a CBIS application form for enrollment of new students. The official website of CBIS is

These Bible colleges have been proven and tested by many and the testimonies are amazing. So if you are interested to going to a bible school in Texas you can consider one of these bible colleges summarized above. Click the link for better understand and more information.

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