Church Offerings and Tithes: 20 Ways its been used

Church Offerings and Tithes: 20 Ways its been used

Church Offerings and Tithes

Gone are the days when churches were seen as poor.

The church of the 21st is considered rich by a lot of people and is indeed rich.

While it is general knowledge that the church makes money from tithes, offerings,

and other giving, not many people are sure what the church does with the money it receives.

Church Offerings and Tithes

That being said, below are 20 things that the church does with money.

1. For Helping the Needy in the Church

In the days of the early church, the believers were known to sell their properties and bring the proceeds to the church.

More often than not, the proceeds from the sale of these properties were made use of in taking care of the needy in the church.

Just as the money that came into the early church was used in taking care of the needy in the church,

the money which comes into the church in this century through tithes, offerings and other giving are used in taking care of the needy in the church.

2. The Church uses Money to Help Poorer Churches

In the days of the early church, a lot of the churches outside Jerusalem were better off financially than the church in Jerusalem.

As a result of this, some of them made it a point of duty to be of help to the church in Jerusalem financially. The act of one church being of financial help to another church did not end in bible days.

It is still being practiced in this generation.

Irrespective of the denomination, the church really has one aim, and that aim is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This requires money and not every church is in a financial position to effectively witness.

This, therefore, makes it the duty of the financially buoyant churches to be of assistance to the poorer churches.

3. The Church Uses Money to Sponsor Missionaries

The gospel has always been passed from one part of the world to another through the activities of missionaries.

After the death, burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ,

all those that believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ were assembled in Jerusalem. About 2000 years after this event, the gospel has been heard in most parts of the world.

This could only have been by the activities of missionaries.

Just in very much the same way as missionaries brought the gospel to Nigeria and other parts of  Africa,missionaries from Nigeria also take the gospel to other parts of the world.

When on the move, missionaries do not exactly have a source of livelihood. It,

therefore, it is the responsibility of the church to cater for their needs.

4. The Church Spends money in Hosting Outreaches

The sole aim of the church on earth is to reconcile people to God.

As a result of this every thing that the church is involved in has to be geared towards soul winning.

In as much as a lot of activities which are carried out by the church have soul winning as a motive, there are certain times that the church does not just make use of activities with soul winning as its focus. Sometimes,

The church holds outreaches which are otherwise known as crusades.

These outreaches cost money.

And every Christian should be aware of the fact that no company will sponsor the gospel, the gospel will have to be sponsored by Christians.

As a result of this, the church spends a lot of its money in hosting various outreaches.

5. The Church Helps the Needy in the Society

The church most definitely has the needy Christians as its primary responsibility when it comes to reaching out to the needy.

However, when reaching out to the needy, the church does not end at being of help to the needy that are in church, it goes on to be of help to the needy in the society.

This might seem like something that is done out of charity.

On the contrary, it is scriptural, and the church is only fulfilling scriptures by helping the needy outside the church.

6. The Church Takes Care of the Pastor’s Need

It is biblical for Christians to bless people that feed them with spiritual food.

However, beyond the individual gifts that members of a church are supposed to give to their pastors and other spiritual leaders, it is the responsibility of the administrative arm of the church to make sure that the pastor does not have physical needs.

This involves a constant salary which is supposed to come monthly in addition to other needs such as accommodation.

The church ensures that the physical needs of the pastors are met so that they can give themselves to prayer and the study of the word.

7. The Church Spends money on Paying its Staff

If you attend a very small church, then, there is a huge chance that you do not know that lots of churches need employees to function.

Now, sometimes, these employees might volunteer to work for free.

However, more often than not, the employees in church are paid by the church. Now, some people might be of the idea that churches pay their employees peanuts because they work for God.

Well, the truth is the employees in church are paid just like other employees are in other secular organizations and this definitely costs the church some money.

8. Churches Start up Businesses

The trend of churches starting up businesses might not a very common one out of Nigeria.

It is, however, a trend for prosperous Nigerian churches to set up businesses.

In as much as there lots of businesses that can be set up by churches, a lot of churches in Nigeria have made it a point of duty to start up universities.

At the moment, there are quite a number of private universities in Nigeria which were started by churches. Popular among them are Babcock University, Covenant University, Madonna University, and Redeemers University.

9. Churches Spend Money in Building Campgrounds

More often than not, when denominations in Nigeria become very financially prosperous and have a huge membership strength,

it becomes quite difficult for every member of the church to get assembled in a regular church auditorium.

When churches get to this level,

it becomes important to build a camp ground which has the capacity to contain virtually all members from different parts of the country all at once.

Now, building an auditorium with a capacity to contain virtually all the members of a denomination will definitely cost a lot of money.

10. Maintaining a Place of Worship

Every church, no matter how small has a regular place of fellowship.

The fellowship venue could either be a rented property, a leased property or one that has been fully paid for.

Regardless of the status of the property, money will have to be spent on it.

If the property is rented or leased, money will have to be spent at intervals to ensure its continuous availability.

On the other hand, if it is a property that has been fully paid for, money will have to be spent on its maintenance at regular intervals.

11. Lots of Churches send Money to their mother churches

It is quite a norm in church administration for smaller churches to send some money to their mother church.

Although there is really no biblical explanation for this,

it is one thing that is very common in the administration of churches. Sometimes, only a proportion of the money which a church realises from offerings and tithe is sent to its mother church.

Nevertheless, in some denominations,

the entire money which a church realises from tithes,

offerings and other giving are sent to a bigger branch which in turns ends back a proportion of the money which is believed will be needed by the church to carry out its every day operation.

12. Churches Spend Money on Charity

The church has a responsibility to it’s members and also a responsibility to the society.

Now, beyond just catering for the needs of the less privileged in the society,

the church also ensures that it carries out charity work in its environment.

This includes spending money on community projects in the environment which it finds itself.

Some of these projects include sinking boreholes, fixing damaged roads, building schools, etc.

In as much as charity is not the focus of the church, the church definitely spends a good amount of money on it.

13. Some Churches give to Their Spiritual Fathers

There are quite a lot of denominations in Nigeria.

While some of them are not in any way connected,

a couple of them have links with one another. More often than not, lots of churches give seeds to their spiritual fathers as well as to the churches that are pastored by their spiritual fathers.

Now, this is not done out of necessity or for administrative purposes. Rather, it is done because of a respect that a church has for its spiritual father.

14. Plant New Churches

A lot of money is needed for a new church to be planted.

As a matter of fact, the average individual cannot afford to single headedly sponsor the planting of a new church.

As a result of this, when it is time for a church to expand, it has to spend some of its money in planting a new church.

15. Planting Campus Churches

Not a lot of people have realised that the number of churches on campuses are less that of churches outside campuses.

This sometimes makes people attend churches a that are outside the campus from within the campus.

To solve this need, a lot of churches which have an overwhelming attendance from the campus decide to build a branch on campus.

This definitely costs some money.

Unlike churches out of the campus where members earn some money, the churches on campus require more money to establish and also successfully run.

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16. Churches Spend Money in Building Worship Centres

Not every church has a worship centre of its own.

As a result if this, while money is being spent on rent, a lot of money is kept aside for the construction of a worship centre.

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17. Churches Spend Money on Sound

The quality of sound which a church Possesses sometimes goes a long way in determining its membership strength.

This, therefore, makes good sound a much needed item in running a church.

As churches get bigger and more established, they occasionally spend money in upgrading their sound and musical equipment.

18. Churches Spend on Acquiring and Maintaining Vehicles

As churches get bigger, they begin having members from far away.

A lot of times out of the community where they are based.

Now, as a result of distance, not every member can afford to constantly be in church even if they really want to make it to church.

In order to get their members to church as frequently as they should be in church, a lot of churches decide to buy buses to transport their members to and from church.

Now, it is one thing to buy a bus and another to maintain it properly. Once bought, churches have to maintain these buses and this is another avenue in which money is spent.

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19. Add Staff

For a lot of churches that do not have the financial capacity to pay staff,

there are lots of volunteer staff. However, as the church begins to become more financially buoyant,

it starts paying its staff. When this occurs, it becomes one way in which the money which a church realises from offerings,

tithes and donations are spent.

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20. Building a Parsonage

A church does much better spiritually when the pastor of the church is free from distractions.

One way in a which this can be achieved is by building a parsonage. Usually, when churches acquire their own property and  erect a befitting worship centre,

the next thing is to build an accommodation for the senior pastor.

Sometimes this accommodation is built in the church compound, other times,

it is built out of the church. Irrespective of where this structure s erected,

it is one that usually costs some money as it has to provide comfort for the pastor and his family.

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