How to start a Bible College in Nigeria

How to start a Bible College

How to start a Bible College

The bible school business is one that has continuously become a major investment of a lot of ministries.

This is because lots of Christians both those that are going into ministry as well as those that have no plans for ministry are beginning to recognise the importance of bible schools and Christian education in general.

The bible school business is one sector of the business world where churches as well as wealthy Christians in Nigeria have been giving a lot of attention in recent times.

This, however, does not in anyway mean that bible schools have not been popular in times past.

This increase in the interest of churches and Christian entrepreneurs in setting up bible schools only speaks volume of the importance of bible schools in the life of Christians of this generation.

As the willingness to know more about the bible increase, the need to start up bible schools in Nigeria is becoming more recognized

A bible school, more commonly known as a bible college is an institution of higher Christian learning.

It is a a process that a lot of Christians have to pass through before going into ministry.

Usually, it encompasses practical trainings for ministry and a series of bible studies.

Bible schools function just like secular schools, offer diplomas, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees.

For a bible college to be recognised, it has to be affiliated with a generally accepted Christian denomination.

This, therefore, makes it important for anyone that is looking to start a bible to be a fully committed member of a local assembly.

Bible colleges are now quite common in Nigeria. They, however, did not start in Nigeria.

They can be traced to the United States and Canada and became a part of the Christian system in the 19th century

Becoming a Christian can be said to be one of the easiest things to do.

Simply believe in your heart and Jesus Christ died and God raised him from the dead and confess this belief with your mouth and you are a Christian.

Whilst being a Christian is not difficult at all,

growing as a Christian might not be the easiest of things to do. For one to grow as a Christian,

one has to take part in Christian education. This can either be through personal bible studies,

attending Sunday school regularly, and enrolling in a bible school.

Christian education might appear to be something that is only needed by the pastors and elites in the church.

However the truth remains that it is something that is needed by absolutely every Christian.

Christian education is an important part of Christianity as it is one of the ways to get to know the bible in detail.

Also, it really has no end as God keeps revealing himself in new ways.

Regardless of your position in church, as soon as you stop getting fresh revelation, your spiritual life will start getting stagnant.

As a Christian that is interested in the spiritual growth of other Christians,

a bible school might be a business venture that you will find very fulfilling.

The reason for this is you will help people meet their need for a deeper knowledge of God’s word.

Importance of a Bible School

Just like a secular school, a bible school makes a wide range of academic alternatives available.

Bible schools are not inferior to other schools. While it is common knowledge that they help in the maintenance of a good spiritual environment,

in addition to making the right spiritual environment available,

bible schools also provide top quality academic qualifications.

When educated in a bible school, you can be certain that you will obtain an education with a quality that is similar to those obtainable in secular schools. Attending a bible school can provide the base that you need to go in with your educational,

as well as academic pursuits.

A bible school will strengthen your beliefs

If you consider your spiritual life to be something of importance,

then, attending a bible school can go a long way in help you strengthen your spiritual beliefs.

As a Christian that was raised in a Christian environment, having to attend a secular place of learning can have a slightly negative effect on your religious beliefs.

In as much as self discipline will be very important in helping you stay focused on your beliefs while in a secular environment,

not everyone has the right amount of self discipline to stick to their spiritual beliefs.

Attending a bible school can help your faith grow and also at the right pace.

Also, spending some time in a bible school and getting out can give you the necessary push and discipline that is needed to survive as a

Christian in the face if overwhelming distractions.

How to start a Bible College in Nigeria

Below are some basic things that have to be put in place when starting a bible school.

1. You should have the Right Level of Determination

Just like with every other business, to open a bible school in Nigeria, you need to have a huge level of determination.

Whilst there is no harm in thinking about opening a bible school because you are a practising Christian,

there is a lot more to opening a bible college in Nigeria. This, unlike starting a church is a business venture and should be treated exactly like one.

The implication of this is you have to be certain that going into Christian education is something that you are very comfortable with.

The reason for this is: with an assurance that this is a business that you do not have a double mind about opening, you can have the right level of determination.

Opening a bible school can be likened to opening a secular school.

This means the many challenges that are faced by people when opening secular schools will also be face while trying to open a bible school.

2. Carry out a Survey of the Existing Market

A survey of the existing market might be the second thing on this list, it, however,

is one of the most important things that should be done prior to opening a bible school in Nigeria.

When setting up a business, if you do not have a plan, then, you have already planned to fail.

So, before coming up with a plan on how you want your bible school to function, it is important that you carry out a survey of the available market.

The result of your survey will be a major determinant of what direction the setting up of your bible school will take.

While carrying out your research, you need to find out a lot of things. Some of the things that you should find out are:

how other bible schools before you started.

While at this, you should pay attention to the start up stories of bible schools in your part of town.

In addition to finding out how other bible schools started,  you should also get to find out how they were able to survive,
the good and the bad decisions that they took and how they were affected by these decisions.

Finally, the amount that you need to setup a bible school in Nigeria in a decent part of town should also be discovered.

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3. You Might Want to Get Enrolled in a Successful Bible School

A market survey is no doubt of utmost importance to anyone that is considering setting up a bible school in Nigeria.

Regardless of how important a market survey is when starting a bible school in Nigeria,

it is not all that is needed.

Of equal importance to a market survey is applying for a very short course in another bible school which is obviously very successful.

This, when done will help you get acquainted with the methods in which some of the most successful bible schools in Nigeria.

While applying for a course in any successful Bible school in Nigeria, always bear it in mind that it is a form of survey.

As a result of this, whatever course that you will be applying for has to be short.

While on this course, you should discover how the daily running of a bible school is carried out and the different types of courses that are offered in bible schools.

It is also okay if you make a couple of people in the bible school that you are carrying out your survey aware of the fact that your aim for enrolling in the bible school is to gather vital information.

When done, this will help you get the best available information.

4. Get a Business Plan Ready

Opening a bible school in Nigeria is something that can only be done by Christians.

Regardless of this, it is a business venture and just like every other business venture, a business plan is needed.

The success or failure of your bible school would be very much h dependent on this.

This implies that you might want to take it very seriously.

While putting your business plan in place, you should have a short term plan as well as a long term plan.

Your business plan should include details of how much you have at hand as well as the amount that is needed to open a bible school.

Also to be included in your business plan are the locality where your bible school will be set up, the type of facilities that you have intentions of having, the number of facilities, the number of staff you will want to start up with and how you intend to grow, etc.

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5. Get a Venue

Getting a venue might be something that you feel you can easily handle.

It, however should be noted that getting a suitable venue for your bible school might actually be the most difficult aspect of setting up a bible school in Nigeria. The reason for this is:

for your bible school to pass the required test before a licence is obtained, it has to be located in the right venue.

So, with this in mind, you will need the help of a real estate agent.

Your real estate agent should be aware of what your choice neighbourhood is and what size of building you are looking to get.

If your aim is to get started on a high note, then you just have to go for a building that is really large. However,

if you are looking to start up small and then grow later, you should getting a moderately large venue.

Now, irrespective of how you want to start, big or small, your bible school should be perfectly furnished before you start business.

6. Obtain a Licence and Get Your Bible School Incorporated

Unlike some other start ups, a bible school is not a business that you can run from your home.

Prior to starting operations, you will need to pass some strict tests.

To ensure that you successfully pass all the requirements of starting a bible school in Nigeria,

you will need to get the needed documents and also get a business name.

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7. Prepare a curriculum

A bible school is just like any other school in the world and will require a curriculum to function.

If you have been to a bible school, then, you might have the skill to prepare a curriculum for your bible school. Well,

if you have not been to one before, then, you will need to get workers to take care of that aspect of your business.

8. Publicity is Key

Bearing in mind that publicity is an essential part of running any business, at this point,

you should take out time to advertise your school.

When carrying out publicity for your bible school, you should begin from members of your own local assembly. This can be done by both printing flyers and using word of mouth.

As soon as members of your church are aware of your bible school, you can go ahead and make it known to people that are outside your local assembly.

When marketing your new bible school to people that are not a part of your local assembly,

you can make use of flyers as well as the internet.

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