What is the Meaning of Faith From The Bible

What is the Meaning of Faith

What is the Meaning of Faith

If you have been a Christian for quite a while, then, you can tell that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

However, beyond that, what really is true faith?

A lot of people have always wondered what the role of faith in their lives are.

While a lot of people think about faith from a religious point of view, there is also another side to faith aside religion.

Although the religious side of faith is important, faith is also philosophical in nature.

Just as much  as it is impossible to please God without faith, it really is important in other aspects of our lives as things like achieving goals, loving our neighbours, and having a healthy dose of self belief are not possible without faith

A lot of people claim to believe in God. Nevertheless, of this multitude of people that claim to believe in God, only a handful truly have an understanding of the true meaning of faith is.

A lot of people are aware of the existence of a being called God, even more people are aware of some of his mighty works.

Regardless of this, not many people really know who he is and, therefore, have no idea what the true meaning of faith is.

Faith in the actual sense is much deeper than a lot of people are aware of.

True faith is so deep that it cannot be described in just few words. There are questions as well as a few things that every one should know before the true meaning of faith can be understood.

What is the Meaning of Faith From The Bible

So, what then is faith?

Faith is not a phenomenon that is tangible. As a result of this, it will definitely have different meanings to different people.

Faith, first of all is a choice. The choice to believe. A believe in everything that the bible has to say in totality.

For anyone to become a Christian, faith is needed. The truth that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world and that the forgiveness of sin can be obtained by believing in Jesus Christ.

John 3:16 makes it obvious that Jesus Christ died for the world and that all that believe in him will not perish but have eternal life.

So, faith can be said to be a choice to believe in a being which in this case is God.

Salvation is something that no one can boast of earning by works, it is a gift that is obtained by faith .

Ephesians 2:8-9 says: “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and not of yourself; it is the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast.”

Faith is also an absolute trust in God’s word and ability.

Hebrews 11:6 makes us understand that faith is the only requirement to please God.

True faith requires that you trust in someone that you have not set eyes on and you are not certain you have physical proof of.

As a matter of fact, faith is your prove of the existence of a being or anything that you have not set your physical eye on.

When a close look is taken at the  definition of faith according to the bible, it becomes glaring that faith contains trust and intellectual assent.

Intellectual assent basically means accepting that for a fact, something is true.

Trust on the other hand involves relying on the fact that something is indeed true.

An airplane can be used to shed more light on this. Intellectual assent involves admitting the fact that an air plane is indeed an air plane and was built to fly in the air.

Trust, on the other hand is going on board an air plane and actually flying.

It is very important to fully comprehend this two parts of faith.

A lot of people are aware of a lot of facts that are associated with the existence of Jesus Christ in his physical body.

Even more people are in agreement with what the bible says about Jesus Christ.

However, knowing things as a fact is not actually what the bible refers to as faith.

Faith, according to the bible’s definition involves trusting the facts that you read in the bible and also having intellectual assents to these facts.

The belief that Jesus Christ is indeed the word of God made flesh and that he died on the cross to pay for the sins of the world, and rose again is very great.

It, however, is not good enough.

The reason is: everyone knows these to be true even the devils believe in the existence of God and accept that Jesus Christ indeed came to die for the sins of the world.

Faith involves absolutely relying on the death and the resurrection of Christ Jesus as enough to pay for our sins and give us a right standing with God.

Salvation can be likened to a plane. Everyone is aware that a plane was built to fly and can actually fly.

In the same way, everyone is aware that Jesus Christ came to die for the sins of the world and actually died for the sins of the world.

Now, going on to flying the plane can be likened to accepting all that Jesus Christ did in his death and resurrection and accepting to be a part of it.

It might be very easy to get to understand all that faith entails when looked at from the personal active of salvation.

Regardless of that, faith does not apply only to salvation. It applies to each and every part of our walk with God.

As Christians we are to completely believe everything that is said in the bible.

Believing what the bible says is great. However, beyond believing, we are to obey what the bible says.

When believing what the bible says we should also live according to our beliefs.

Believing in what the bible says and working in line with it is a true expression of faith. And until our faith is truly expressed, we cannot be transformed.

Many have wondered why so much importance is attached to the definition of faith.

They have also wondered why faith is considered incomplete without trust coming along with facts.

Well, the reason is quite simple. It is not possible to please God without faith.

The Christian life cannot be a successful one without faith, and without faith, there is no salvation.

When compared to the number of times that faith was mentioned in the new testament of the bible, the few times that faith was mentions in the old testament makes us realise how important faith has become in our daily lives.

The many times that faith was mentioned in the new testament stands as proof that faith is a key requirement for existing in the new testament dispensation as a Christian.

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How to Grow your Faith

At this point, I will not be wrong to assume that you now know what true faith is.

Well, beyond knowing what true faith is, it is vital that you understand how to develop true faith.

A lot of people are scared that they lack faith. Nevertheless, the bible talks about ways to grow your faith.

The implication of this is: even if your faith is small now, you can grow it and make it exactly what you want it to be.

Growing your faith is easier said than done. That regardless, there are simple principles that when followed will help you develop true faith.

Let’s find out what they are;

1. Make the Word of God your Companion

In developing true faith, there are lots of things that can be done.

However, one thing that is certainly going to help you develop true faith and rapidly to is to make the word of God your companion.

In Romans 10:17, the bible makes us understand that faith can be gotten by hearing the word of God.

This implies that you should jot just read the word but also listen to it. This can be easily achieved by reading the word out loud each time you have your quiet time.

When regular attention is given to the word of God, it brings about the production of faith.

This is even more pronounced if done with an open mind and in the right atmosphere.

Christians are encouraged to constantly listen to Gods word and keep it in their heart if they indeed want their faith to grow.

The truth remains that our belief is strongly affected by what we listen to.

If we pay attention to the things that the media offers us more than we do the word of God, it is just normal that we will believe what happens in the world more than the things that God says to us, and this will greatly affect the development of our faith.

Something that is seen on the television or heard on radio might sound true.

However, if it is contrary to what the word of God states, then, it is not true and should not be given attention.

It is very normal for the human mind and spirit to accept as true what it is fed on a regular basis.

This is why you should make the word of God your companion.

When listened to thoroughly, the word of God helps our faith to grow.

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2. Spend Time Praying in tongues

Praying in tongues does not only make you feel good, it also goes a long way in helping your faith grow.

Jude 20 talks about the role of praying in tongues in helping your faith grow.

Well, the fact that not every Christian speaks in tongues simply means that not everyone can take advantage of the way of building your faith.

Nevertheless, if you pray in tongues, then, make it a habit to constantly pray and praise in tongues.

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3. Learn to do the word

Reading the word of God will indeed make your faith develop.

Irrespective of the fact that the word of God will build your faith when read, it is very important that you do not stop at just reading. You should also do the word that you read.

Obedience to the word of God and to the spirit of God will help you grow from one level of faith to another.

Faith without works is dead. As a result of this, the way to act your faith is by doing what the spirit leads you to do as well as what the word says.

Just like the muscles in the body, when you put your faith to work, it will grow.

The place of doing the word in increasing your faith cannot be over emphasised.

James 1:22-24 makes us understand that if we hear the word and fail to do it, we are only deceiving ourselves.

This part of the bible likens a man that fails to put the word of God to use after hearing it to a man that looks at his face in the mirror and then forget what he actually looks like some moments after he steps away from the mirror

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4. Develop a Lifestyle of Thanksgiving

Praising God in difficult situations is an act which signifies faith.

This is because it takes a man of faith to praise  God when the situation seemingly looks tough.

Now, due to the fact that praising God is an act that shows faith, when done regularly, your faith will have no choice than to grow.

While Praising God frequently goes a long way to show your trust in him, worshiping God will help you have a better understanding of the person of God, his ways, powers, and faithfulness.

If you can get to understand the faithfulness, and the ways of God, there will surely be an increase in your faith.

Make it a habit to give thanks even before you see the results that you desire.

This helps in building your faith in the ability of God to meet your needs.

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